Design and Consulting

There is some finessing in the trade that a designer brings to the table to save time and money on your particular project.

  • Budget outlining
  • Space planning
  • Technical drawings and schedules
  • FF&E procurement
  • Coordination with contractor/sub contractors on owner’s behalf
  • Material and finish selections
  • Exterior design consulting

Color Consultation

If you are painting one wall or a whole house it is very difficult to pull everything together at times. A color consult is a great meeting that leaves you with a color sheet designating all choices for all areas being discussed. Paint color is involved but the best finishes for the high traffic areas is just as important. Designer paint finishes and murals can be introduced with large samples to view the desired look or photo editing to help visualize an area.

Lighting Consultations

Many times it can be challenging in a space when there is not any natural light to pull off the design and comfort for a particular area.  Lighting is so important and it highlights areas of interest. Let us consult on areas to install lighting in the ceiling with the perfect fixture or bring in lamps to light up your space.

Privacy Treatments

Many times I arrive at a new client’s home that just chose one privacy treatment for the entire house and has regrets.  Blinds, shutters, duettes, roller shades, vignettes  and woven woods are just a few of the options that are available to be a part of your design. There are so many economical choices now for changing up the look and still having consistency from the outside of your home.

Artwork and Photography

The icing on the cake is strategically placing artwork and photography in the newly designed space. Sometimes it is taking some existing artwork and reframing.  Rearranging and grouping artwork in a new way can inject new life into a room.

Window Treatments

This is where the texture and colors of the fabrics bring in so much elegance and charm. Designing the best treatment and picking the perfect fabrics, trims, hardware, and lining fashions an entire space.

Picking the Right Elements

It could be a furniture piece that adds the right comfort to a space. It could be putting in flooring that smooths out the room. It could be an accent table that practically makes a statement. It could be just that one thing you did not think you needed to pull everything together that Scarboro Designs Inc. could suggest.

Custom Bedding, Accent Pillows and Cushions

Have you ever shopped for hours and found the right bedding ensemble and are at a loss for the perfect accents for the windows and other areas in the room. By selecting the fabrics and choosing a palate that is easy to add the shopping ends when all the area is custom designed. There is much to be said about saving time and money by putting together a room with simple choices and great designs.


Sometimes projects are planned with a single room in mind, a whole house, or office. A good majority of projects are forced due to unforeseen damage and other events that are out of our control. We know know that changing one thing does effect the rest of the areas. Coming up with a well thought out plan and a budget before things get started proves to have better results.