Get a Room

Have you ever meandered and wondered what the purpose of a particular room was used for in your own home? I have been in many homes, and I am always up for a game of name that room. I gently ask questions with my clients, “Where did you get that piece of furniture? How is the flooring working out in here? Who hangs out in this area?” If they answer […]

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What’s Your Project

This is the question I try to answer on a daily basis with clients. When I come home and am seeking aesthetic improvement in my own personal space, I must answer that question and it is absolutely daunting! Many times I listen to ramblings of all that needs to be accomplished, accompanied by several tangents. The ranting continues as I wander aimlessly, following them throughout the house, viewing areas of […]

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Why Need a Designer?

The past several years, I’ve been intrigued by this question—or maybe it’s a statement! With all the articles written, I think people are still wondering if they know whether or not to hire a design professional. When I show up, I have every intention to fill the shoes. People spend plenty of money on their home and they need to have it look its best. Clients have great ideas but […]

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